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Our Services

What We Do

We provide therapy and tailored support to help with an array of issues including:

Ways We Can Help

  • Individual Psychotherapy - helps individuals improve their quality of life by managing their symptoms and feelings and becoming more effective decision-makers. This goal is accomplished through improved self-understanding, self-direction, and problem solving.
  • Couples/Marital Psychotherapy -helps couples improve their communication and mutual support, resolve conflict, become more effective parents, and enhance the quality of their intimacy.
  • Family Psychotherapy – helps families communicate more effectively, cooperate and support each other, and address issues and behaviors that threaten family stability.
  • Group Psychotherapy -helps individuals enhance their self-awareness and interpersonal communication skills and access the support of others who are coping with similar challenges.
  • Play Therapy - Helps children, teens and their families develop or repair relationships, resolve problems and adjust to challenging life situations. The play therapist systematically uses play-based methods to accomplish goals through this special professional relationship.
  • Nutrition Guidance - consultations to help clients enhance their health, energy, and vitality and address nutritional choices to improve their effectiveness in multiple life areas.


Education and Training Programs

  • Peer mentoring and supervision - offering mentoring and supervision services to mental health professionals.
  • Consultation/Education - consultating and education services to mental health professionals, schools, physicians, and other community organizations regarding current best practices in mental health care, and the availability of high quality services from BHN providers.
  • Professional Training - providing workshops and other training experiences for mental health and education professionals.
  • Professional and Executive coaching - focusing on individuals and key organizational personnel to build strengths.