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Join the Behavioral Healthcare Network

Benefits of BHN Membership

  • Communication network regarding insurance and other important issues
  • Ability to purchase dental insurance at a group rate
  • Group discounts (e.g. Barnes & Noble, Dell Computer, attendance at some conferences)
  • Practice management ideas
  • Continuing education
  • Website
  • Access to marketing venues not affordable to individual practices (e.g. brochures)
  • Referrals among members (1 or 2 quality referrals per year yields enough income to “pay for” BHN dues
  • Conference announcements
  • Peer supervision
  • Rapid, quality clinical consultation in urgent situations via email (often resulting in multiple replies within hours)
  • Standardized forms (informed consent, HIPAA, reports to PCP)
  • Social contact and networking with colleagues (which tends to yield higher quality referrals)

For more information about joining our network, email: